Terms and Conditions

Terms and Condition

Member services and rights and obligations

Welcome to Winefont Shop (hereinafter referred to as "this website"). This website is operated by Wine-Font International Commerce Corp., Ltd. This website mainly provides the following services:
  • Merchandise sales and delivery services
  • Provide event information.
  • Notice of related rights.
This website may add, modify or terminate related services according to the actual situation.
If you start to use the customer service provided by this website, you are deemed to have known and fully agreed to all the terms of use and fully accept the items of this service. If you do not agree with the content of these terms, you should stop using the services of this website. .
If you are under the age of 20, you should ask your legal representative to read, understand and agree to all the contents of this agreement and its subsequent modifications before using or continuing to use it. When you use or continue to use this website, it means that your legal representative has read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of this agreement.
The company reserves the right to change the content of each service or terminate any customer account service that violates the law or the agreement between the two parties. The company has the right to modify or change the content of these terms at any time based on the need and will announce the revised content on this website.

Customer Accounts, Passwords and Security

You must fill in the exact information when you register as an online member. If you find any false login or the original login information is not true and has not been updated, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your online membership and use of various services at any time. . If you use someone else's name and cause losses to other members or this site, we will reserve the right of prosecution and provide relevant information to the police and investigation unit for investigation.
In order to protect your rights and interests, please keep your online member account (hereinafter referred to as the account) and password properly, and log out of your account every time you connect. At the same time, you should strictly prevent the leakage of personal information, payment information (including credit card information) and password.
If your account number and password are lost or stolen, or any other security problem occurs, you should notify the store immediately to avoid damage to your own rights and interests. All actions performed after entering with the same account number and password will be considered as the behavior of the member himself. If the damage and legal liability caused by the disclosure of your account and password by yourself, this online store will not be jointly and severally responsible, and you will be fully responsible for all actions performed by using the account and password.

Intellectual property rights

The software or programs used on this website and all the contents on the website shall not be used, modified, reproduced, or publicly broadcasted by anyone unless legally authorized by the company or its oblige in advance. If there is any violation, you shall be liable for damages to the company.

Privacy Protection

You agree that the company collects, processes and uses personal data for the following specific business purposes: marketing business, customer management and service, online shopping business. The company will never disclose the name, address, credit card number, e-mail address and other legally protected personal information of the store member for the personal information registered or retained by the store member.
  • As required by law, or by order of a judicial authority or other competent authority.
  • In order to enforce the terms of this agreement, or the user violates the terms of the agreement.
  • In order to maintain the normal operation and security of the online store system.
  • With the written consent of the parties.
You agree to accept our company's "Privacy Protection", we will try our best to use reasonable technology and procedures to protect the security of all personal information

Service Unavailable

The company maintains the normal operation of this service by means and techniques generally considered reasonable at present. However, in the following cases, the company will suspend or interrupt all or part of the service, and will not be liable for any compensation or compensation for any direct or indirect impact on the user:
  • Relocate, replace, upgrade, maintain or repair the software and equipment related to this service.
  • The user has any violation of government laws or these terms of use.
  • Service interruption or suspension caused by natural disasters or other force majeure factors.
  • The service is interrupted or stopped due to other reasons not attributable to the company.
  • When the information of this service is displayed incorrectly due to reasons beyond the control of the company, or is forged, tampered, deleted or retrieved, or the system is interrupted or cannot operate normally.
For the foreseeable software and hardware maintenance work that may cause system interruption or suspension, the company will notify network members in an appropriate manner before the situation occurs.

Effect of these terms

If one part of this clause is invalid, it does not affect the validity of other parts.