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Wine-Font International Commerce Corp., established in 1978, mainly acts as a distributor of high-tech medical diagnosis products from advanced countries’ in Europe, United States of America, and Japan etc. for more than three decades, the enterprise experienced political reforming, society transforming, economical prosperity and decline. Our company persists the spirit of “Technology, innovation and quality.” The most essential element for everlasting management of enterprises shall be science creates technology, innovation leads quality and quality brings market. Our company’s core value is “persistently completing the simple matter.” Even if under the rapid changing of technology, “crawling, walking and running” is always our operating principle. No matter how the surroundings is changing, there is always constant invariable basic value and the general rule in the world. Through the health promotion and the environmental protection, the enterprise, hopefully with our persistence and effort, can bring people a healthier, more joyful and higher quality of living environment.